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Rethymno summer festival!

Most visitors usually decide to spend their summer holiday in Rethymno for the obvious reasons: good location on Crete, beautiful old town, endless beaches and mild weather throughout the year.

One thing though that comes as an extra bonus to our guests are the various events that take place mostly in summer and aim to promote the rich Cretan culture and heritage. The summer festivities usually start with the opening of the Cretan diet festival in the beginning of July and they peak with the rich program of the Renaissance festival in August and September.

Most events are hosted at Erofily theater, located on the top of Rethymnon old town fortress (Fortezza), at the municipal garden or at inspired locations of archeological and cultural interest in the old town’s cobblestone streets.

The program includes of course Cretan music and dances, but also a mixed variety of other Greek music and theater shows and the tickets cost anywhere from 10 to 15 euro for adults (many are also free of charge)

It is understandable that not all of these events can be equally appreciated by all foreign guests. There are some however, which are indisputably worth seen no matter the background of the viewer or the possible language barrier.

One such event, was definitely the performance of the popular Cretan music artist Yannis Haroulis who usually closes the  summer festival at the Erofili theater.

Haroulis is a relatively young artist of the last decade who plays orchestral music with elements from Greek folk rhythm and melody, and became very popular in Greece the past few years. His main instrument is the Cretan laouto (long neck fretted instrument of the lute family), which he made popular throughout the whole country with his enchanting music.

These events are advertised by the Greek local press, some posters, and of course the summer festival program. DO not miss out on such great cultural performances that could make their holiday even more memorable with minimal added cost.

So next time you plan your vacation in Crete, keep in mind that Rethymno old town is an ideal location not only for its historic atmosphere with lively cafes and taverns, but also for all those cultural events that take place during summer.

Casa Maistra Residence has an affordable, comfortable summer home for you and your family, on the beach at the heart of the old town with beautiful sea views! So next time plan your holiday with us and make every minute memorable…