Welcome to Casa Maistra Residence

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Seven years open...

It was March of 2009 that I first took the decision to follow my dream of transforming my great grandparents house into a model residence of Cretan hospitality.
After almost two years of renovation, on a limited budget, with tons of personal work, Casa Maistra Residence already counts its 7th year of operation with great success.

Looking back now I come to the conclusion that our lack of experience on hotel business actually gave us the advantage of thinking “out of the box” (as many of our guests put it). We am now glad to have avoided most of the touristic stereotypes on how to set up, decorate and price a room, adopted by many hotels where every square inch is measured in euros per hour.  We were not interested to divide the property in small identical spaces and put in the market some more typical hotel rooms or “junior suites” as they are called lately. Our concept for the ideal Cretan “philoxenia” was about comfortable relaxing vacation homes with affordable unpretentious luxury. Unique spacious apartments, each one with their own style where the guests can stay for any period of time and always feel like home.  
Nothing was left to luck. Every inch of the residence was renovated by personal input and supervision. All construction materials, flooring, pieces of furniture and electric appliances were carefully selected to meet our own “price for value” standards. All colours, decor items, bedding and amenities went through trial and error until they blend in the relaxing atmosphere we wanted to create. To make sure we did not miss anything out, we actually moved in each one of the suites for a few months while we were renovating the residence.

Now, after 7 years of operation we still feel we are on the right track. Lots of nice reviews, beautiful comments in our guest books, travel sites awards, repeat guests and many happy new ones are some of the rewards for which we are very grateful to all of you.
This positive outcome gives us great pleasure and encouragement while at the same time raises our own standards and sense or responsibility for our guests’ satisfaction. A satisfaction that is not limited only to their stay in CMR but also extends to their whole travel experience from the minute they step foot on Crete until they go back to their own homes. Having that in mind, we are available to our guests 24/7 with information on how to plan their trips, “local secrets” on dinning and going out, event suggestions, help on renting a car or a boat and anything else they need to know.
Of course we would love that they come back to CMR but that is not our top priority. What we really aim for is that they leave with a smile, have unforgettable memories and want to come back to Crete. And that is our satisfaction…