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Rethymno Old Town

Our hotel apartments are in Rethymno, the third largest town in Crete lying at the north coast of the island, between Heraklion and Chania. It is surely one of the most beautiful towns in Greece displaying a unique cultural blend of Venetian, Cretan and Turkish history.

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Apart from the Renaissance old town, Rethymno is also famous for the longest sandy beach on Crete, stretching 12 km from Casa Maistra Residence apart hotel to the east, filled with lively taverns and cafes. On the west side of the hotel, the idyllic Venetian harbor and the impressive “ Fortezza ” fortress are only some minutes of a romantic walk from your hotel apartment. This ideal location of Casa Maistra Residence makes it a unique accommodation in Rethymno.

In addition to all the above, many Rethymnon holiday festivals that take place near the hotel like the wine Festival of Cretan diet products, folk music and Cretan dances, church feasts, Renaissance festivals and the famous Rethymno Carnival keep the town very much alive throughout the whole year. Rethymno still remains a holiday destination in Crete where the visitor can experience the pure Cretan “philoxenia” unaffected from commercialized mass tourism and Casa Maistra Residence is a perfect example of a hotel with such exceptional hospitality. 

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